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 Hello, my name is Cecil Reams and I have been collecting worldwide postally used stamps off and on for the last 34 years. I have developed an additional passion for collecting the stamps of India and its associated states in recent years.

I have made and will continue to update this site with images of stamps and information from my collection. With the intent of promoting the hobby, sparking interest in the stamps of India and providing reference images of the actual stamps thru the display of the stamps in my collection.

I created this site using the program WebEasy Professional, The stamp images are now scanned with a Cannon MX459 all-in-one scanner and processed using EZImage. The album pages were made with Albumgen and saved as a PDF then converted to a JPEG with Smart PDF Converter.

This is my first endeavor at making a website, so it may be a little rough, but it is my hope to improve it over time,making it a good resource to promote the hobby. Any links that our inactive have yet to be populated with content, as this is a ongoing project of mine I will attempt to add content on a regular basis.
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